Jasol EC19 Laundry Powder Environmental Choice

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Jasol EC19 Laundry Powder with fresh citrus perfume readily biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and highly effective laundry powder.

- Environmentally responsible - GECA certified.
- Fresh Citrus Perfume
- Biodegradable

It has a comprehensive formula that combines alkali builders, water conditioners, emulsifiers, enzymes and soil removing agents.  Ideal for removing soils, fats and greases in both hot and cold water. Available in 5kg.

Directions for Use:

Jasol EC19 Laundry Powder maybe used for :
a) Presoak Application - use at the rate of 5-10g per litre of warm water
b) Machine Washing - use at the rate of 5-10g per kg of dry weight wash load, depending on the degree of soiling.

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