Tri-Umph Surface-Mounted High-Speed Hand Dryer

ASI JD Macdonald
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Tri-Umph Surface-Mounted Hi-Speed Hand Dryer is a state of the art, ergonomic and high speed, quick drying (about 12 seconds) hand dryer.  Air blows down from vents on top, preventing water splashback  and  achieving  fast  drying time.


- Quick drying — about 12 seconds
- Ergonomic — No need to bend over or bend knees
- Air blows down from vents on top
- No water splash-back
- Ultra hygienic
- Anti-microbial silver sodium added to the ABS cover provides an additional layer of germ protection
- Owner-adjustable heater (on or off) and air flow

Ultra hygienic Super Filter* system eliminates 99% of airborne  bacteria with the three-layer, removable Super Filter System, consisting of a HEPA filter, a carbon filter and an anti-microbial filter.

Water is pushed back onto an absorbent and continuously evaporating ceramic plate, not the floor. Water not evaporated or absorbed is channeled into a drip tray (not the floor). It can only be removed using a dual step security system offering enhanced vandal resistance.

Recommendations: Change the Super Filter every 6 months based on normal use (for dusty and extremely heavy use we recommend changing the Super Filter every 3 months). The part number for the Super Filter is: AS10-A0194

Download Tri-Umph Hi-Speed Hand Dryer Manual

Unit Size: 12-43/64" W x23-1/8" H x 7-3/4" D {322 x 588 x 197}
Electrical Supply: AC, 220-240V 50 HZ , 1600W
Motor: 1 HP Brush Type, Dual Ball Bearings
RPM: 11,000 –18,000 (adjustable)
Element: 400 -900 Watt (adjustable)
Air Volume: 55 –88 CFM (89 –124m3/h) (adjustable)
Noise Level: 63–67dB-A @2M
Weight: 10.8kg, Shipping 12.8kg
Drying Time Aprroximately 12 Seconds
Certificate of Sustainabilty: GMA-500003
Electrical Safety Requirement: AS/NZS 60335.2.23:2004
Protection category: IPx1
Finish Grey, ABS
RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION HEIGHT Above Finished Floor -from top of hand drying chamber)
Men's washroom: 1150
Women's washroom: 1080mm
Children's washroom ages 4-7: 780
Children's Washroom ages 8-10: 880
Children's Washroom Ages 11-13: 965
Children's Washroom Ages 14-16: 1080mm
Accessible Compliant Washroom: 900mm