Touchdry Surface-Mounted Push Button Hand Dryers

ASI JD Macdonald
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Touchdry Push Button Hand Dryer, easy to install, heavy duty formed steel hand dryer. It has a solid touch button operation.

Install a Touchdry push button hand dryer and save money on paper towels today!

Large fan and motor assembly provides a high performance dryer designed for high traffic areas and heavy use.  Drying time is 26 seconds. Easy installation with tamper-proof locking. 10 Year Warranty.
Installation Options: Electrical connection by cord and plug (as supplied). Can be wired by an electrician.

Download Touchdry Push Button Hand Dryers Instructions Manual

Overall Dimensions: 300 x 251 x 219 mm
Operating Voltage 220/230/240V AC, 50/60Hz, 9.2/9.6/10A, 2.0/2.2/2.4kW MAX
Output Warm Air Volume 343m³h {202CFM}
Protection category IPx3
WARRANTY Component  parts  are  guaranteed  to  be  free  of  defects  in material and  workmanship  for  a  period  of  10  years,  Transportation,  freight costs  and  labour  are  excluded  after  the  first  12  months.    Please refer to the manual for further details.
Output Warm Air Temp 60°C {140°F} at ambient T = 25°C {77°F}
Output Air Speed 35m/s [126km/hr]  {115ft/s  {78mi/hr}}
Motor Type 1/4HP, 5.5k rpm, Brush Type, Dual Ball Bearings
Motor Thermal Protection Auto Resetting Thermostat turns unit off at 105°C, {221°F}
Heater Element 1780/1947/2120W @ 220/230/240V AC, Nichrome 27.2W
Heater Thermal Protection Auto Resetting Thermostat turns unit off at 65°C, {149°F}, Resets at 50°C {122°F}
Drying Protection Less than 20 Seconds
Circuit Operation Push Button Actuation, preset for 30 seconds
Output Air Nozzle Heavy-Duty Chrome plated Zinc die casting
Sound Level 63.8dB@2m">63.8dB@2m
Cover Type Formed Steel, 1.6 mm, [1/16"] thick
Cover Finish Epoxy Enamel white baked-on coating
Net Weight 6.2kg [13.7lbs]
Shipping Weight 7.0kg [15.4lbs]
Electrical Safety Requirement AS/NZS 60335.2.23:2004
Men's washroom 1270mm
Women's washroom 1194mm
Children's washroom ages 4-7 889
Children's Washroom ages 8-10 991mm
Children's Washroom Ages 11-13 1092mm
Children's Washroom Ages 14-16 1194mm
Accessible Compliant Washroom 1016mm