Touch Free Automatic Liquid or Foam Hand Soap Dispenser

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1 Litre Fill it Yourself Hand Soap Dispenser - Save Money and use Bulk Fill Liquid or Foam

Easy Pod Removal - Runs on 3 x C Size . A good size .4ml shot

Encourage good hygiene standards, with the easy to dispense touch free soap dispenser


Choose in either white or black, this dispenser measures approx 27cm high x 12cm wide x 11cm deep.

You can either take out the pod easily and take this to the bulk source, if you purchase 20 litre drums or you can easily fill the pod up without removing while in the dispenser using 5 litre size bottles or smaller. The plastic pod inside the unit is available for $10 and does not come with the unit to start with. You must select what type of soap you will be using. Foam pod has the white fitting - Liquid has the Blue/Grey Fitting. As time goes on, the rubber tubing in the pods deteriorates thus making you throw normal dispensers away. Not with this dispenser, you can purchase spare pods anytime.