Wiel-Loc Swivel Adapter Arm

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You can transform your Wiel-Loc Angle Adapter into a smooth pivoting swivel adapter with the Wiel-Loc Swivel Adapter Arm.

Heavy-duty, self-centralising, smooth pivoting swivel adapter arm to be used with the Wiel-Loc Angle Adapter, allowing you to put pressure on the brush evenly, even at heights or when standing off-centre from the glass.

Use as the primary arm on your Wiel-Loc Angle Adapter or as a secondary arm.

To assemble, simply:
1. Drop spacer into brush socket with gaps facing up
2. Insert Swivel Adapter Arm into socket
3. Feed bolt through socket holes
4. Screw on thumb nut

*Use with the Wiel-Loc Angle Adapter

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