3M ™ Easy Trap Duster

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3M ™ Easy Trap Duster - sweep & dust sheets designed to trap and hold 8 times more dust, dirt, sand and hair, than traditional flat fringed mops and other disposable dusting systems.

- traps up to 8X more dirt, dust and sand
- has the power to trap hair
- no special tool required.
- glides through and traps hair on wet surfaces
- no sheet laundering required
- ideal for picking up glitter or other small particles
- both sides of the duster can be used
- made of % recycled content
- packaging is made from a minimum 60% recycled content

It has unique disposable fibres trap and hold fine and coarse dust, dirt and hair. Holder allows use of both sides without touching it. Convenient disposable sheets mean no laundering. The Easy Trap Duster glides through and traps debris, especially hair.

You can use under any flat floor tool or high duster. It comes in rolls perforated every 6".

Size 125mm x 150mm x 9M
Number of Sheets 60 Sheets/box
Applications Dusting, hard floors, high dusting
Colour Green/ White
Product type

Sweep and Dust Sheet

Surface type Stone, Tile and Grout, Vinyl and Wood