Agar 3D-Gloss Super Glossy Floor Sealer Finish

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Agar 3D-Gloss is a super-glossy sealer finish with premium ingredients for vinyl tiles and other hard floors. It buffs up easily under UHS buffing machines to create a crystal-clear dazzling gloss.

Tough and hard-wearing, non-slip, colourless and scuff-resistant. Excellent top-coat for terrazzo. It keeps floors shiny for longer because of its high scratch repair.

3D-Gloss should be used on vinyl tiles, sealed timber, sealed terrazzo, sealed marble, terracotta, slate, linoleum, and brick floors.


- Remove adhesive, build-up sealer or wax and other soilage using ULTRASTRIP, TAKE-OFF or STR-36. New floors should always be stripped prior to sealing. Whilst a new floor looks clean, it is
covered in a protective film added at the time of manufacture. New floor sealer will not adhere to this film, so it must be stripped.
- Flood-rinse floor to remove the stripper and dirt. The floor must be well covered in clean water. Mop up or wet-vac and allow to dry. If floor is vinyl, burnish floor then fringe mop to remove dust. Do not burnish bare terrazzo or stone floors.
- Apply 2 thin basecoats using either a fringemop or bucket mop. (Note: on floors which take heavy traffic, MASTERPIECE is recommended for vinyl tiles, and FIRST BASE for marble and terrazzo. For an extra high gloss the floor may be buffed when these first 2 coats are dry.) Check that the base coats are tack-free before applying 2 coats of 3D-Gloss, making a total of 4 coats.
- After 2 to 7 days, apply 2 more coats of 3D-GLOSS. This film of 6 coats will provide a sound foundation for protecting the flooring and will give an excellent depth of shine.
- For the first week, soft buffing pads (such as champagne) must be used. After this period, Jackeroo Lite or other UHS pads can then be used for burnishing.

- Maintain floor by cleaning with AUTOSCRUB, SYMPOL or SCRUB ‘N’ SHINE then dry buffing or spray buffing. Softer pads with no natural hair-fibres are preferred.
- Re-coat heavy traffic areas when required. This will ensure a shiny, beautiful and long-wearing coating.
- Worn films may be scrubbed off using FLORPREP at 1:20 with blue pads and may then be recoated with 3D-GLOSS after buffing and sweeping.
- Do not apply any sealer to a very cold floor (9ºC or less). If application is unavoidable in very cold or humid weather, lay very thin coats one hour apart.

Environmental Care:
Agar 3D-Gloss conforms with all statutory environmental requirements. It is based on safe ingredients selected to perform efficiently so there is no waste or damage. It is nonflammable, biodegradable and phosphate-free.  Containers can be recycled wherever possible. If containers are returned to Agar Cleaning Systems Pty Ltd, these will be cleaned and reused - thus reducing plastic usage and waste.

Slip Resistance
3D- GLOSS passes the Slip Resistance Test under dry conditions as specified in AS/NZS 4586-1999. It gives a mean Dynamic Coefficient of friction of 0.70 which is well above the minimum
requirement of 0.40.


Sizes 5L, 20L
pH Level



Faint Ammonia Odour

Coverage 50 - 80 sq metres per litre