Twindose 25 Probeless Dishwashing Chemical Dispenser

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Twindose 25 is the most compact, easy to install, dual chemical dispenser available on the market today. A great option for under counter and hood type machines in all sizes where a probe is not needed.

Key Features:
- Extra strong and long-life squeeze tubing, always equipped with inlet-outlet fittings for fast and safe connections
- User friendly and simple program settings with a push of a button
- IP65 protection degree and class 2 electrical insulation (no earthing required)
- Stainless detergent and rinse injection fittings provided as standard
- LED confirmation of program ensures accuracy of desired injection

The 3 external buttons provide a simple option to increase or decrease the detergent and rinse aid levels at a touch of a button. The changes can be viewed with the LED indicators.

With the correct wiring and programming, you can easily control the Initial Charge of Detergent, re-charge of your Detergent during each cycle as well as your Rinse Aid injection.

Rugged The IP65 polycarbonate enclosure provides protection against water ingress and high temperature environments, making it suitable for use in any industrial kitchen.

Voltage: 24-110-230 VAC 50/60Hz
Control: Time controlled with adjustable dosage rates
Tubes: Santoprene for Detergent and Sekobril for Rinse
Flow Rate: Detergent 75ml/min, Rinse 17ml/min
Signal Input: 24V-230V AC/DC OPTO Isolated
Enclosure: IP65 195mm x 110mm x 170mm
Weight: 3kg