Agar Autoscrub Low Foaming Detergent

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Agar Autoscrub Low Foaming Detergent is designed for scrubbing acrylic sealed floors and other hard surfaces. Recommended for cleaning Agar sealed floors.  It enhances and extends the life of the floor sealer. 

Main Benefits of Agar AutoScrub:

Powerful cleaning action – removes all soils and spillages
•  Will not harm or erode finish of AGAR sealer film
•  Extends the life of the finish
•  Maintains the film in clean condition, cutting preparation time when re-coating

Agar Autoscrub effectively lifts dirt, spillages, food stains, smoke films, grease marks, and all hard-to-clean grime from any surface. Suitable to use on waxed and polished floors, walls, glass and other surfaces that low-foaming is necessary.

It can be applied with a sponge or mop.

Note: For cleaning unsealed marble and terrazzo floors, we recommend ‘pH7′ detergent.


Ideal for auto-scrubbing, suitable for mopping

Light duty:
 1:100 parts water (1/2 cup per mop bucket) 1/2L per tank small scrubber; 1L large scrubber
Heavy duty:
 1:50 parts water (double quantity of light duty)



How to Use Agar Autoscrub in Maintaining Floors?

A. How to Maintain High Traffic Timber Floors with Agar Autoscrub?
- Sealed with Timbercoat or MasterPiece?

Tools to use:
Fringe Mop or soft broom
mop and wringer bucket
Buffic machine and pad
Polish Mop and Wringer Bucket


1. Sweep the floor to remove dust using a fringe mop or soft hair broom. Do not use oiled mops.
2. Clean up any spillages by spot mopping with AUTOSCRUB at 1 in 50.
3. Buff the floor at least twice per week, preferably every day.

B. How to Maintain Floors Sealed with 3D-Gloss?

1. Sweep the floor to remove dust and litter using a fringe mop sweeper.
2. Wash Floor: Scrub with AUTOSCRUB at 1:60. If the floor is heavily soiled, more
detergent should be used.
3. Buff Floor: Using a gas buffer or battery burnisher and soft, Ultra High Speed
pads with no natural hair fibres or an electric buffer with tan pad/s.
Harsh pads must be avoided or they will grind down the film.

C. Daily cleaning of floors Terrazzo, Marble, Agglomerate Marble, Limestone and Sadler Tile

Tools to Use:
Dustmop or broom
Autoscrubber with red or blue pads
Gas buffer and pad


1. Scrape off old stickers and chewing gum.
2. Sweep the floor to remove litter.
3. Wash the floor with an autoscrubber fitted with red or tan pads.
4. Fill the solution tank with warm water and 1 litre of Autoscrub per 80 litres of water
(eg. For 160L water, add 2L of Autoscrub).
5. Scrub the floor covering all areas.
6. If wet turn marks are left behind, mop these off with a clean damp mop
7. When the floor is all clean and dry, buff the floor with a gas buffer, fitted with
Jackeroo pads.
8. Sweep floor to remove dust.

- If there are spillages that are hard to remove, eg. oil, mop these up first using Autoscrub at 1:30.
- Never buff the floor unless it is totally clean

pH Level 9.5 +/- 0.5
Perfume Pine
Codes AU5, AU20