Taski Swingo 1850B Large Battery Powered Scrubber Drier

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Taski 1850B BMS is an easy to use large walk-behind 33 inch (85 cm) auto scrubber which provides long run times and brushes that perfectly follow the floor profile for outstanding soil removal.

Taski Swingo 1850B BMS Key Features:

Simplicity and ergonomic
Increased productivity
Excellent cleaning results
Immediately Dry Floors
Easy maintenance

With its big tank and highly efficient IntelliFlow system Taski Swingo 1850B BMS reduces water consumption by up to 40%, give great water autonomy and allow cleaning of up to 2500sq m without time-consuming tank-filling stops.  The wide working width of 85 cm helps you to increase productivity and to achieve significant time savings.

Taski Swingo 1850B BMS battery operated auto scrubber available kit for different applications:

Kit 4- for rough and tiled floors- 85L tank, 85cm working width. Kit includes:
TASKI Swingo 1850B BMS
battery traction 6V, 180Ah(x4),
standard scrubbing brush 43cm (x2)

Kit 5- for vinyl and other smooth floors - 85L tank, 85cm working width. Kit includes
 TASKI Swingo 1850B BMS
battery traction 6V, 180Ah(x4)
pad drive harpoon grip 43cm (x2)

Kit 6- both for rough and tiled floors and vinyl and other smooth floors - 85L tank, 65cm working width. Kit includes
TASKI Swingo 1850B BMS,
battery traction 6V, 180Ah(x4)
standard scrubbing brush 43cm (x2)
pad drive harpoon grip 43cm (x2)

With excellent ergonomics and simple, intuitive controls, the machine reduces operator fatigue and training needs to a minimum.

BMS (Battery Management System):
The battery charger is integrated into the machine. A monitoring system prevents deep discharging of the battery and controls the charging process.

 With the patented IntelliFlow system exactly the right amount of cleaning solution is dosed onto the floor. The result is no puddles in curves and turns as well as a 30-40% saving in cleaning solution, which leads to significantly increased productivity of the machine.

IntelliDose is a chemical dilution system that will help you to achieve consistently high cleaning results, control your costs and simplify your machine operation, and to avoid overdosing.

Theoretical performance

3825 sq m/h

Working width 85cm
Squeegee width 110cm
Solution tank 85L
Recovery tank 85L
Nominal consumption 1,200W
Battery capacity (max) 180 Ah/C5
Battery autonomy 3-4 hours
Machine weight ready for use (incl. water) 345kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 162 x 88 x 119 cm
Brush system 2 x 43cm
Brush pressure (max) 0.18 N/cm2
Cleaning speed 4.5 km/h
Max. ramp 2.0 %
Sound level 62 dB(A)
Protection class (BMS/non BMS) III
Approvals CE/CB Test cert.