Acid Dispenser for Washing Trucks I Dilution Proportioner for Acid

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Acid Dispenser for Washing Trucks is specifically designed for use in the concrete industry. Dilute acid directly from a 200 litre drum or perhaps a 20 litre drum into a bucket for washing down.

This acid dispenser or dilution proportioner is designed to fit onto wall, so in the case of wanting it mobile, you can easily mount this unit to a piece of wood configured with a base to hold the dispenser upright and stable.

To allow for a high rate of discharge at 3 1/2 Gallons per Min or approx. 16 Litres per minute, this dispenser has 2 hose inlets with the one discharge port.

Special seals and components allow for the use of acids. No Venturis are required to get this flow rate. Venturis can be adapted if used for other purposes where a higher dilution rate is required.