Gala Pro-lite Microfibre Mop 350g

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Pro-lite Microfibre Mop is now 25% lighter, weight reduced to 350g which makes it easy to use. It has a superb mopping action using the latest in microfibre cleaning technology.

It is made from 100% microfibre which enables to collect more grease, dust and dirt than conventional mops. Two-ply twist yarn with looped ends for reducing linting and fraying. Round shape and straight tail banding for greater floor coverage and easier drying.  Due to its lightness, minimal drag on floor is needed while giving far superior drying ability.

For easy identification and to avoid cross contamination, Pro-lite Microfibre Mop is colour coded. Available colours are:
Yellow - infections/isolation areas
Red - Toilets/Bathrooms/Dirty Utility Rooms
Green - Food Services/ Preparation Areas
Blue - General Cleaning
White - Operating Theatres