Long Life Cloudy Ammonia 1 Litre

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Long Life Cloudy Ammonia, general purpose cleaner that kills germs, cuts away grease and grime, and removes soap scum.

It is suitable for heavy duty cleaning such as toilet bowls, drains, bins, walls, floors, windows, tiles and woodwork. It is use to prepare floor surfaces for Long Life Self Shining Floor Polish.


What can the product be used for?

The primary purpose of the product is to act as a means of removing the Long Life Self-Shining Floor Polish. It can also, however, be used as a heavy duty multipurpose cleaner on toilet bowls, drains, bins, walls, some floors, untinted windows and tiles. It is very strong and can be harmful, so ensure correct safety precautions are upheld.

I heard this product can clean jewelry, is this true?

We did not specifically design or test the product for this purpose but we have heard that a small cup full of the product can clean residue that has built up on jewelry over time.

The product is not removing the polish from my flooring, what do I do?

This is always due to too much build up of polish on the flooring or too much dilution of the cloudy ammonia. Simply resolve each issue by either increasing the concentration of the cloudy ammonia, little bit by little bit until you can start to the polish being stripped. You don’t want to use full concentrate as this can possibly damage your flooring.