Tork Dispenser Air Freshener Aerosol A1 White

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Tork Dispenser Spray Air Freshener neutralises the odour,does not just mask the smell, eliminates odours. Intelligent programming: versatile settings for long lasting odour control.

Tork Dispenser Air freshener Aerosol A1 White has a visual display window: counts down the days before new refill is required.Long-lasting freshness: up to 90 days of fresh air.

You can choose from different fragrances: citrus, tropical fruit and floral

The A1 System is state of the art technology with a visual display that gives you a daily countdown to when the fragrance refill needs replenishing. Traditional air fresheners only mask odours. With the Tork A1 System each spray contains concentrated fragrance oil and a proprietary odour neutralising agent to eliminate unpleasant odours and provide long-lasting air freshness.

• Available in a choice of three fragrances, Floral, Citrus, Fruit and the new mixed pack.
• Customised easy to use programming to suit any size washroom and odour control needs
• Each refill delivers 3,000 metered sprays
• Fragrance oils are concentrated, natural and non-irritating
• Refills are CFC free, using an environmentally friendly hydrocarbon propellant