Cleaners Supermarket Eucalyptus Oil 85% Proof 500ml

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Eucalyptus oil is made from selected Eucalyptus Gum trees. By a distilling process the leaves are extracted to end up with the pure essential oil.  Used for a variety of cleaning and medical conditions, it’s an old time favorite. We find many cleaners like adding a few drops to their cleaning liquids for that fresh clean smell.

Also used for removing gum from old sticker etc, however due to supply and demand and price raising , there are much more affordable products on the market to do gum removal such as Orange D’limonline Solvent. Please see more details...  

"PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO THE VOLATILITY OF THE WHOLESALING PRICING" we will advise you for the prices prior to debiting your credit card.

You might think the cost is way over the top, but please stop and realise what you are paying for with our brand. This is not diluted down with other products, such as other retailing brands may do, to make it look cheaper. You really do pay for what you get in this essential oil.