Bio Healthcare Aqua Mop

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40cm . 4 colours of detachable bottles.

  • Velcro strips to attach mop cover.
  • This system allows you to use a clean Microfibre Cover for each area and dispenses solution directly from the handle.
  • No mop bucket is used that could hold or transfer dirt and germs. Mopping of hard floors is one of the most time consuming injury prone tasks we perform in cleaning our buildings. If you consider what is actually done in a health care facility things like lifting a bucket up to a sink, filling it, lifting it down to the trolley, moving it to the cleaning area, rinsing and wringing out your mop and then returning to the cleaners area to change the solution.

    These are all tasks that can cause bad ergonomic activity and strains on the operator. When you think about it most mopping injuries have something to do with a mop bucket. In a Health Care facility out of ten minutes of mopping time in a standard room eight of those minutes is spent doing other things and not mopping. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could eliminate all of these time consuming, injury causing tasks that take up eighty percent of our mopping time.

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    Take my wife for example, we have a large timber floor in our
    home that seems to be hard to clean. Heather does not like the idea of a mop bucket as it seems like a lot of work and when she uses it, it leaves the floor to wet. I recently took Sangar and one of our new Bio Aquamops home and now she doesn’t clean the floor at all – I do it !!, in one quarter of the time it used to take and I don’t waste time filling a bucket or mopping the floor with dirty mopping solution.

    Lets have a look at some of the issues that cause our floors to be difficult to clean.

    All floors have a porosity factor with many floors being a lot more porous than others. Take low maintenance floors for example. These floors are not sealed with Floor Finish as they have their own pre factory non slip surface. When we mop these floors we mop them with a solution of water, chemical and dirt. This properly diluted solution that is left on the floor after mopping will evaporate leaving concentrated chemical and dirt to be sucked into the porous pores on the floor. This concentrate will set like a thin layer of finish and will be extremely slippery if wet in the future.

    Over time, as the floor is left wet after mopping more and more times this concentrate will set layer upon layer leaving a residue that will attract dirt to your floor. This is the main reason that porous floors such as grout and terracotta and porous tiles become increasing difficult to clean. If we can minimise the amount of moisture left on the floor after mopping and if we can ensure that that solution contains less residue and dirt then there is less chance that this residual chemical will attract future dirt to our floor.

    The new Bio Aquamop with it's microfibre heads is the best way to minimise these problems. You only use a small amount of clean mopping solution whenever you need it and the microfibre covers grab all the dirt and leave your floors extreemly dry.