Bowlene Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Bowlene Toilet Bowl Cleaner is concentrated for rapid cleaning action. The 3 in 1 action of Bowlene rapidly cleans, sanitises and deodourises in the one efficient operation.

Benefits of Bowlene Toilet Bowl Cleaner:
    Unique 3-in-1 action
    Removes rust, scale, toilet stains and algae growth
    Eliminates odour causing bacteria
    Septic safe

Bowlene is a concentrated phosphoric acid toilet bowl cleaner designed to rapidly penetrate and remove the most difficult hard water stains. More than twice the strength of the original Bowlene toilet bowl cleaner; it is thicker for better cling and fully biodegradable.

Bowlene quickly and efficiently removes rust stains, scale and most other toilet bowl stains. It quickly neutralises mal-odours and helps control fungi. It is ideally suited for all toilets and urinals including systems operating on septic tanks. Bowlene is packed in 5 litre and one litre bottles. One litre bottles have a special applicator for squirting solution under the rim of the bowl or urinal. Directions For Use:Invert the special applicator and apply under the rim of the bowl or urinal allowing the product to run into the bowl or urinal. Leave for a minimum of 10 minutes before flushing the toilet. For heavily stained or encrusted toilets leave for 10 minutes and scrub using a brush. CAUTION: Being acidic in nature NEW BOWLENE should not be used on surfaces that may be reactive to acids such as Aluminum, terrazzo, concrete, marble etc. WARNING: DO NOT STORE NEAR CHLORINE OR BLEACH. NEVER MIX WITH CHLORINE OR BLEACH. Persistent mal odours in bathrooms and washrooms come from difficult to remove soils and bacteria penetrated into old, porous ceramic tiles and urinal pipes. Bowlene offers a deeply penetrating cleaning action to remove soils and antibacterial action to neutralise mal odours in the areas. Remove the cap to the urinal discharge, apply Bowlene to the outer edges of the pipe and scrub with a brush.