Exterior Pine Clear | Exterior Clear Oil Timber Finish

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How to finish pine for outdoor use? Exterior Pine Clear is a clear decking oil type exterior timber finish specifically formulated for use on treated pine.

It takes away the normally dry treated pine look and its penetrating qualities give the timber a rich natural oiled look, which enhances the natural grain and beauty of pine. Great for sealing treated softwood.

It can prevent mould growth, timber blackening and discolouration due to its powerful active MOULDICIDE. This wood finish are naturally water repellent which help stabilizes the timber.

Available in 1L, 4L, 20L and 200L.

EXTERIOR PINE CLEAR can be used wherever a clear protective exterior timber finish is required for treated pine e.g. cladding, decking, pergolas, trellis and fencing etc. It is suitable for all treated softwoods such as Radiata Pine and Slash Pine and Oregon.