Diamond Floor Pad

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Diamond Floor Pad great for the maintenance and polishing of stone, marble and terrazzo flooring without the use of floor finishes and strippers.

Easy to use diamond floor pads. No Colour transfer due to a naturally coloured pad. NO dyes added. It has maximum durability, more heat generated.
400 SERIES* Very aggressive* For damaged floors of use after grinding* Heavy duty removal of scratches & discoloration on stone* Leaves semi-matt finish800 SERIES* Intermediate step or 1st step in floors not maintained* Cleans surface* Removes small scratches* Leaves a very light, slightly reflective finish

* For maintained floors
* Cleans & prepares floor for high polish using 3000 Green Series
* Removes fine scratches
* Conditions stone & concrete floors for final polishing
* If appearance (less than wet look) is acceptable, can be used as regular maintenance pad

* Normal daily maintenance pad
* Produces & maintains a "wet look" shine
* Can be used on : concrete, stone, terrazzo, tile & VCT (only 3000 green diamond by gorilla is suggested for VCT)