Rid of Wipes Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

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How to clean hands without the need of soap, hand cleaners or water? Rid of Wipes easily handles heavy duty cleaning like grease, oil, paint, dirt,and etc.

Rid of wipes is also called "1 wipe cleans all." Enables to clean tough dirt on your hands using natural ingredients. It is pre-moistened, hence, there's no need for soap, cleaners and water. When cleaning, grease doesn't go back to skin when wiping.

Non-sticky after cleaning. Whenever, wherever, no water needed. Deep cleansing.

Nowadays, most of the hand cleaners are powder or cream type. These cleaners also use petro-chemical materials or toxic solvents with corrosive alkali and scrubs to emulsify or to decompose the grease for cleaning. Using such cleaners lead to cracked and very dry hands but still not really get properly cleaned. In addition, it requires a lot of wasted water that will cause pollution.

Effective for paint, silicone, and grease cleaning.

Rid-Of Wipes for industry- removes grease, oil, tar, silicone, adhesives, dirt etc.- contains a patented formula including lemon oils, olive oil, sesame oil etc. Great for use in the working shop, on the job site, in the truck and on the utility cart.

Available in box of 240 and 360.
Box 240 -  240mm x 200mm (70gm)
Box 360 - 240mm x 200mm (50gm)

Rid-Of Soda Wipes for commercial kitchens etc.- contains a patented formula of food grade soda and food grade ethanol. Ideal for cleaning bench tops, dining tables, tableware, cupboards, pantry, floors, bathrooms, toilets and lot more. Safe to use inside your microwave oven and refrigerator. CERTIFIED BY SGS - 63 items none of toxic solvents

Box 336 240mm x 200mm (50gm)

The features include:

• All Natural Ingredients
    • No Toxins, No Petro-chemicals
    • No Corrosive and Alkali Scrubs   
• Thoroughly cleans and moisturises hands and removes:
    - Grease
    - Oil
    - Paint
    - Glue
    - Silicone
    - Tar
    - Dirt etc.
• No washroom mess
• No wasted water
• Great for mobile tradesman and vans