Micropolous Coverall Types 4,5,6 White

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Bastion Micropolous Coveralls provide you with excellent comfort and breathability.



Bastion Micropolous Coverall Types 4,5,6 White Features:

0 gsm non woven polypropylene
Good strength and protection
Lightweight and economical
Elastic cuffs, hood and ankles
Zip cover flap
HACCP certified

  • Type 4 - EN 14605:2005 Barrier to liquid sprays or splashes
  • Type 5 - EN ISO13982-1:2004 Barrier to airbourne solid particulates and dusts
  • Tpye 6 - EN ISO13034:2005 Barrier to limited liquid splash and sprays
  • EN1149-5 - Anti-static
  • EN 1073-2:2002 - Protection against radioactive particulate contamination
  • EN 14126:2003 - Protection against biological hazards and infective agents