Personal Protective Equipment PPE and Safety Workwear

Extreme working conditions and heavy-duty tasks will not only take a toll on your employee's life but in your company's records as well. It's best to provide them with top quality personal protective equipment and safety workwear in order to steer away from any possibility of health risks and improve precautionary measures.

We care for you caring for your employees that is why we want to bring you quality and high-performing protective clothing such as aprons, lab coats, and sleeves for your workforce.

We've got a full range of head, beard, ear, and eye safety protective wear that meets all your welfare standards. We have varieties of protective clothing that are available for specific hazards including dust and breathing protection, shoe and boot covers, coveralls, lab gowns, sleeve cover, headwear, beard cover, ear muffs and ear plugs, safety eyewear, and dusk mask. We have all these protective clothing in sizes suitable for both men and women.

Our top quality lab gowns, disposable coveralls, aprons, scrub suits, and safety vests protect your employee's body and skin from any form of threats. Our extensive line of long sleeves, sleeve covers, and sunscreen keeps them safe against extreme weather conditions or insect and chemical exposure.

We also have a wide collection of safety shoes, work clothes, safety goggles, work gloves, and safety footwear suitable for workers in the chemical, healthcare, automotive, glass, and cement field. We cater everything that you need to keep your workers working in industries handling hazardous materials completely protected and safe from harm.

We understand that safety is your priority that is why you can count on our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to give you the ultimate protection you need.

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3M Nexcare Active Strips

3M Nexcare Active Strips are waterproof and flexible. Bright blue for easy identification in line with HACCP procedures. 50 sterile strips per pack.

Ultra Fresh Hygiene Swab

Ultra Fresh Hygiene Swabs contain 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for removing any bacteria or germs before insertion of a needle.