Delightful Safety Hazard Warning Signs and Safety Cones

The main purpose why warning and safety signs were created is to prevent accidents from happening. Most often than not, people don't notice these signs maybe because they didn't see it or they're just really careless. We believe that creating hazard signs that will attract people's attention can help greatly preventing any untoward incidents to happen. That is why we want to bring you not only the most effective and efficient signs but also attractive and creative ones.

There are too many things we can associate with the color yellow. And we used that in order to make a really humorous caution wet floor banana cone. The safety cone is in the shape of a banana, standing on its four peels, while the warning sign is written at the center. This is a great way to get people's attention, for them to take time in reading signs so that they won't slip or fall off a wet floor.

Our safety signage doesn't only come in one or two colors, but we have four! The yellow-colored one is what you can usually see at the malls, hospitals, and airports. And that's pretty much basic. We provide hazard signs in pink, yellow, white, and orange colors. That way, you can choose one that would fit your establishment needs. Aside from that, we also have warning signs made of stainless steel for that perfect classic and timeless look. If you look through our vast collection of warning and safety signs, you can see that we still have a lot of different types that you can choose from. We can guarantee that our signs will have people taking heed of your warnings.

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Below are our famous Warning and Safety Hazard Signs brands:

Edco Warning and Safety Signs    

Drain Cleaning Warning Sign

Custom sign made in high quality plastic, designed specifically for use by drain cleaners, plumbers or general use.

SYR Safe-guard Caution Sign

SYR Safe-guard Caution Sign is durable moulded polypropylene safety warning sign with ‘caution, wet floor cleaning in progress’ on both sides. Unique ‘IN-MOULD PRINT’ injection moulding technique ensures high resolution images and resistance to chemicals, UV effects and humidity.

SYR Rapid Response Cone

SYR Rapid Response Cone is highly visible tall mobile safety cone with mop holders and top handle gets to the point of the spillage fast.

Maxisafe Surface Mount Steel Bollards 90 x 900mm

Maxisafe Surface Mount Steel Bollards is made from powder coated, steel tube construction, designed to withstand impact from cars, trucks and forklifts. Suitable for installation on any concrete surface.

Maxisafe Blue PVC Bunting Flagline

Maxisafe Blue PVC Bunting Flagline are double sewn for strength. These triangular flags are ideal for crowd control, zoning off specific areas within work sites, etc.


60cm Lightweight A-Frame Caution Signs with Carry Handle

Lightweight and compact Double A-Frame Caution signs with clear distinct messages in yellow frame to catch the attention and warn pedestrians from any danger. Suitable for use in the workplace,

Oates Door Warning Sign Spring Loaded Each

Door Warning Sign has telescopic handle with spring action. Sign can extend to fit door openings from 715mm ® 1050mm wide.

Oates A ' Frame Caution Sign - Cleaning in Progress

Lightweight and compact for easy carrying and storage on janitorial carts. Bright colour for high visibility.

OATES A' Frame Caution Wet Floor Sign

Oates 'A' Frame Caution Wet Floor Sign Fluorescent. Easy to assemble. Easy to transport. Super sturdy.

Oates Door Caution Sign

Sign can extend to fit door openings from 780mm to 1340mm wide. Lightweight and compact for easy storage and transport.

Oates Caution Wet Floor Cone

Sturdy construction. Yellow for high visibility. Lightweight for easy transport. Supplied with bonus blank top sign for customised text.

Safety Warning Signs

A full range of over 350 flat Warning Signs in choice of PVC or Colorbond Metal. Available in 6 sizes. See the separate complete catalogue for the full range. Also available: Your own messages - to order

Triangle Safety Wet Floor Sign Pink

Available with 2 messages on the sign and a person slippng symbol.

Stripping Boots

Standard Yellow Warning Sign

Quality A frame sign. Use with all cleaning duties with a remote chance people will slip over because of you leaving a floor wet.

Large Pyramid Caution Wet Floor Sign

High visibility sign with added top warning. Sturdy and stable with safety chain slots built in. 1170mm high x 320mm base and 320mm sign.

Standard Triangular Warning Sign

High vis compact sign with sign on top. 240mm x 240mm x 930mm . Sturdy with chain slots built in at top.

Sabco Caution Wet Floor / Cleaning in Progress A-frame

Caution Wet Floor / Cleaning in Progress" A-frame is one of the janitorial and safety ranges from Sabco. Its robust plastic construction can be used in different weather conditions. It is available in three colors: yellow, flouro green, and pink. Distinct message.

Sabco Caution Wet Floor Cone - 1170mm - Yellow

"Caution Wet Floor" Cone from Sabco is available in yellow color. The available size for this is 1170mm tall, 4 sided, with sign board top. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor. It can also be used with plastic chain to form barrier.

Closed For Cleaning Door Hanging Sign

'Closed for cleaning' caution sign door hanging. Soft non marking pads. It is compact for easy storage. It suits openings from 75c, to 135cm.

Caution Wet Floor Sign Cone

This Caution Wet Floor Sign Cone is made out of sturdy plastic construction for lightweight and durability, and easy storage. This hazard cone is ideal for patrons to be warned that the floor has just been washed or if food or beverages or any liquid have just spilled.


Cleaning In Progress Safety Cone

Cleaning In Progress Safety Cone made from a sturdy plastic construction that can last for years. Clip on header included. Available in 950mm and 1170mm tall.

Caution Wet Floor Banana Cone

The award winning Wet Floor Banana Cone™ is manufactured with very thick, bright and high quality polypropylene through plastic injection moulding.

Safety Bollard Caution Sign Slippery When Wet

Warning signs are used to indicate a hazardous situation which may result in an injury. The Safety Bollard Caution Sign Slippery When Wet exhibits outstanding caution message.

HW Safety Sign Cone Large Wet Floor

Caution Sign Yellow

Mr Clean Wp Caution Wet Floor Sign

Robust Plastic construction allows use in variety of weather conditions. It has a distinct message.

Rubbermaid 9S15 Site Hanging Safety Sign Closed for Cleaning

Sign and pole combination blocks doorway. Ii has 3/16" grommets on all four corners for easy posting. Torsion action to secure pole. Durable materials for long product life. Soft, pliable sign for ease of use and storage.

Rubbermaid 9S11 Mobile Barrier

This is easy to use, easy to see, easy to move, easy to store mobile barrier. 13 ft. long with 16 articulating panels, has two 5" non-marking wheels, and four locking straps to secure barrier in closed position.

Rubbermaid 9S01 Pop up Yellow Safety Cone Sign Caution

Collapsible, automatically deployed cone. Wall-mounted storage tube allows for easy and compact storing. Durable material withstands abuse. Available 20"and 30".

Rubbermaid Floor Sign with Caution Wet Floor Imprint

Lightweight and versatile; makes a heavy statement about safety. Folding design for convenient storage or transport on Janitor Cart. Two-sided, 25" (63.5 cm) model for use in narrow areas.

A-Frame Safety Signs

These A Frame safety signs are heavyweight plastic for longer life and greater stability. Hinge limiter ensures legs open to correct position.

Slim Stainless Steel A-Frame Wet Floor Warning Sign

Warn people and help prevent accidents from wet floors and slippery areas with this slim stainless steel with "Caution Wet Floor" sign. It is suitable for use in malls, schools, restaurants and commercial buildings.

Slimline Stainless Steel A-Frame Wet Floor Warning Sign

Appealing stainless steel sign imprinted on a brushed stainless steel panel set in a square flush-finished style.

Extended Safety Sign Wet Floor - Yellow

Extended Safety Sign with "Wet Floor" message on bright yellow collapsible easy-to-carry A-Frame Size.



Safety Cones

These Safety Cones have choice of messages, also blank signs. 900mm high, four-sided with broad base for stability.

Tripod Safety Sign

This foldable tripod safety sign is excellent for WHS incident and hazard response planning.

Expandable Mobile Safety Barrier

Portable barrier for safety exclusion control. It is easy to move, highly visible, wheeled mobile barrier for protection for work.

Green Warning Wet Floor Safety Cone

Compact size safety cone allows for easier more efficient storage. It comes in a vibrant, eye-catching lime green colour.

Entrance Safety Pole Complete

Entrance Safety Spring action pole fits standard doorways, narrow hallways and aisles. Easy-to-read sign in black on bright yellow. Extends 750mm to 1.1m.

Mini Safety Cone 3 Sided- Wet Floor Message

Mini Safety Cone - Wet floor Message has a compact size, triangular base for easier more efficient storage. These stackable, vibrant, eye-catching safety cones are available in yellow and lime green.

Maxisafe Orange Long Load Flag 30 x 30cm

Maxisafe Orange Long Load Flag is a diamond shape PVC flag with high visible flouro orange colour with elastic hanging loop for quick and easy attachment to vehicles carrying oversize loads. It is UV stabilised designed for use in Australian weather conditions.

SYR Economy Non-Tip Folding A-Sign 60cm

SYR's 60cm high, economy non-tip folding A-frames are made from durable plastic and are easy to store and transport. SYR’s unique auto lock ensures these signs will not fall over if accidentally kicked or bumped.

SYR Sentry Safety Cone

SYR Sentry Safety Cones are light and easy to transport and can be stacked to save on storage space. high durable moulded polypropylene safety warning sign, printed on 4 sides.

Executive Series 56cm Wooden Caution sign

Elegant, dark hardwood "Caution" Sign is 2-sided for effective multilingual safety communication that won't disrupt a building's image.

Most Stable

Caution Sign 2 Sided Yellow

Unique “no tip” design is 2-sided for effective multilingual safety communication that utilizes ANSI/OSHA-compliant colour and graphics.