Lazer Super Heavy Duty Rinse Free Floor Stripper 25L

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Heavy duty rinse free floor stripper designed easy removal of metal crosslinked sealer finishes with minimal labour.

It emulsifies old and discoloured finishes quickly and efficiently. Unique stay wet feature of the product enables larger areas to be stripped without drying out. It is safe to use on all resilient floors. Dilutes with water for economical use. Not recommended for use on sealed timber.

Lazer Super must not be used to remove sealer finishes from sealed timber floors as it may affect the timber seal, requiring sanding to rectify the floor. It is 100% volatile and therefore does not leave chemicals on the floor that could affect seals or finishes that are to be applied after stripping.

LAZER SUPER can be diluted up to 1 part to 4 parts with warm water, or used neat as supplied dependent upon build-up. Apply LAZER SUPER liberally to the floor with a cotton mop ensuring the entire floor surface is thoroughly wet.  Work in small controllable area sizes.
Allow 5 – 10 minutes contact and then scrub with a slow speed rotary scrubber or Automatic Scrubber fitted with stripping pads in larger areas take care not to allow the stripper to dry off.  After scrubbing, pick up the slurry, rinse with clean water and allow to dry. On drying inspect the floor and repeat the stripping process on any areas not completely stripped.

Note:   During the emulsification process most floors become very slippery.

SAFETY:  Classified as Hazardous according to Criteria of Worksafe Australia
First Aid:
Eyes: If splashed in eyes, flush with water for 15min. Seek medical advice.
Skin: Wash affected area with soap and water.
Inhalation: If mists are inhaled, remove patient to fresh air. Seek medical advice.
Swallowed: Do NOT induce vomiting. Give milk or water to dilute.  Seek medical advice