Peerless Microaid Amenities Cleaner

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Microaid Amenities is specially designed as an aid for the technologically advanced and effective microfibre cloth.

Natural acids that remove soap scum, body oils, mould, lime, mildew, water scale and rust deposits on porcelain, tiles, ceramic tiles and fiber glass surfaces.

It contains a combination of natural acids designed to remove the heavy calcium build up created in "hard water” areas. These Natural acids have been specifically selected as they create a dynamic state
in which their combined action creates highly effective sanitizing properties attacking common bacteria that cause bad odour, staining of toilets & baths and mould in showers. The advantage of the synergetic action of the two natural acids is the effective elimination of possible cross infection.

Microaid Amenities operates under a reduced pH creating the added advantage of being able to react with hard water deposits.  Microaid Amenities’ combined dual acid cleaning, free rinsing and to reduce future cleaning time, Micro Aid Amenities contains an additive that forms a protective coating on surfaces to prevent re-soiling.
Future cleaning will take less time with a superior cleaning result.  Microaid Amenities deodorizes your washroom areas leaving a natural fragrance of bamboo and lime. Packed in 1L soft, recyclable packaging, Microaid Amenities can be diluted as 20 ml in 500 ml for general cleaning or 40 ml in 500ml of water for heavy duty cleaning.

Download Microaid Amenities Cleaner MSDS

Super Concentrated: one pack makes over 25 Lt.
Small packaging: easy to handle, quick dilution technique.
Environmentally responsible: non toxic and non corrosive.
Non dangerous and non hazardous.
Free of Chlorine, Phosphates and Volatile Organic Compounds.
Biodegradable: safe for aquatic and bird life.
In conjunction with Microfibre, Microaid Ameniti
es effectively removes: soap scum, body oils,
mould, lime, mildew, water scale and rust.
Cleans: porcelain, tiles, ceramic tiles, toile
t bowls, sinks, showers and fiber glass surfaces.
Reduces future cleaning time.
Powerful sanitizer.
Pleasant natural fragrance: deodorizes as it cleans.
Recyclable packaging
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