Hot Glass Creme Cleaner Crystal Clear 200ml

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Crystal Clear Glass Creme Cleaner is a non-hazardous formula makes cleaning glass doors and window on a wood heater easier and safer.

Crystal Clear Glass Creme Cleaner cleans and restores the crystal-clear look to wood heater windows and doors. It makes light work of stubborn soot, tar and creosote that accumulates on wood heater glass. With the continuous use of Hot Glass cleaner, it will reduce the build-up of stains. Thus, it makes wood heater easier to maintain.

Directions for Use:

- Apply only to glass surfaces when cold.
- Pour some Crystal Clear Hot Glass Crème Cleaner onto a damp cloth and then rub onto the surface to be cleaned.
- Wipe off and polish with a clean dry cloth.
- For stubborn stains use a non-scratch scourer and Crystal Clear Hot Glass Crème Cleaner.


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