Glomesh Diamond Stone Floor Pads

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400 Grit - use to start the preparation on more seriously worn floors. This aggressive pad is used with a Regular Speed Swing Machine or Auto-Scrubber and a little water or Glomesh-D Floor Conditioner.


It is great starting point for unpolished concrete.

800 Grit-  this is the first-up pad to use for normal preparation. It repairs light scratches. 

500 Grit - Next stage of preparation. It micro-polishes the floor for improved reflection. Continues scratch removal.

3000 Grit - for final stage of preparation. With this pad, floor is now ready for daily maintenance especially with light coloured floors. Lifts gloss level, continues to remove light scratches. For maintenance use with either Regular Speed or for improved gloss, with UHS burnisher.

6000 Grit - Final step for even better gloss especially with darker colours. This use always for granite maintenance. It is capable of producing gloss to match newly-laid polish. Unique pad only available in Cyclone-D.

Available in different sizes from 325mm to 680mm.

Note: For sizes 600 and 680mm, 3000 and 6000 grit available only.

Feedback from Happy Customer below who bought 800 Grit Diamond Floor Pad:

Hi Warren

I just wanted to contact you and let you know that the diamond floor pad we purchased from you last Friday has worked amazingly well and we are delighted with the result.

Thank you again for helping us get the floor  pad on Friday. Your service was great and very much appreciated. It only took a few hours on Saturday and Tony had finished polishing the floor which has finally completed a stressful and time consuming job.

Thanks again