Slim Jim Resin Step-on End Step Waste Rubbish Bin Containers

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When you plan of purchasing bins, Slim Jim Resin 90L waste containers offer great features which will help you to be effective
and efficient in waste management. It is constructed with highest quality materials that ensures durability.

What are its features and benefits?
- Smooth Surfaces & Contoured Edges makes it easy to clean
- Quiet and controlled lid closure, minimises noise to enhance guest and patient satisfaction
- Slim profile and small footprint which maximises space to fit in tightest spaces
- Factory Mutual Certified ensures fire safety for regulatory compliance
- Liner Retainer Band And Cinch securely holds polyliners
- Increased Pedal Clearance for easier access
- Built-in Wheels for easier mobility
- Internal hinge design that prevents wall damage
- Dual Stream Option simplifies waste sortation.
- Meets OSHA & OBRA Standards for worker & environmental safety
It has smooth surface and contoured edges make cleaning easier. Factory Mutual certified for regulatory compliance. MRI Room safe**. Meets OSHA standards for worker safety.

Available in beige, white, red, yellow, green, blue, gray, black. Available in front step, and end step type. Capacity 90L or 24 gallons.

*Green and blue are made-to-order for all resin step-on containers.

ensures durability.

Front Step
Bin Dimensions: L 57 x W 35.3 x H 82.6cm.
Product Weight 6.09(kg).

End Step
Bin Dimensions: L 63.7 x W 40.3 x H 81.3cm.
Product Weight 9.59(kg).

Note: Resin End Step containers include the rigid liner. Optional Rigid Liners for Resin Front step.

** Available on Special Order. It takes approximately 12 weeks.