Refillable Cartridge Manual Foam Soap Dispenser 1700ML

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Foam Care Refillable Cartridge Foam Soap Dispenser is designed to be installed front facing on shower walls or mirror surfaces near washbasins.

This unique dispenser allows precise mixing of liquid and air, resulting in a dose of high quality foam with eash single stroke of a smooth action button.

This soap dispenser controls usage with longer interval between refilling and ensure cost saving. It also reduces water requirement compared to traditional washing cream or lotion.

Installation Instruction:

1. Tape Mounting

Decide where to install the dispenser for convenient user access.
Clean entire mounting surface.
Remove protecting cover from adhesive tape on back of dispenser.
Carefully position dispenser and firmly press against the mounting surface for at least 10 seconds.

2. Permanent Screw Mounting (Optional):

Drill holes at a proper position on mounting surface.
Insert wall plug and screw to secure dispenser permanently onto wall.

3. For Use:

Press on the button to dispense Instant foam to your palm.
You can monitor the remaining contents of refill through the button on the cover of the dispenser.

Dosage: 4,250 washes per refill/Output ml: 0.4 ml per dose.
Dimensions: 240 mm(H) X 145 mm(W) X 115mm(D)