Enzyme Wizard Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Enzyme Wizard
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Enzyme Wizard Toilet Bowl Cleaner - heavy duty bathroom descaler, is a concentrated formula specifically blended for removal of organic matter. It safely removes hard water and calcium deposits from all surfaces. It has a rapid penetrating action which breaks down all organics by using an organic salt. It eliminates odours by destroying the source of the problem.

 Available in 1L ready to use spray, 5L Jerry Can, 10L Cube,20L Cube, and 200L. Empty 1L spray bottle is also available.

Recommended Uses:

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


Simply Spray affected areas with Enzyme Wizard Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Agitate with stiff brush. Allow formula to work for 5 minutes. Rinse free with fresh water.

1 Litre bottle with trigger spray:

Ready to Use.

Apply with refillable trigger spray. Multiple applications may be necessary for old or heavy deposits.

For toilets, urinals and heavily built up soap & scum areas: apply undiluted formula to surface. Wait 5 minutes. Rinse free with fresh water.
Sanitise as necessary.

Storage: Store at room temperatures.


- Powerful - the proprietary multi-enzyme formula effectively works within      minutes to disintegrate and carry away organic soils.
- pH Neutral
- Safe - for storage
- Non-Corrosive
- No phosphates

Technical Data:

  • pH Neutral
  • Bio-degradable
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Caustic