Rubbermaid Web Foot Microfibre Large 5" String Mop

RMRFGA85306 GR00
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Engineered with continuous filament bi-component Microfibre yarn for superior cleaning efficacy, superior absorbency and release characteristics. Twice the cleaning power versus a standard cotton mop! 

Double the durability of standard blend mops. Lasts 100+ launderings. Improved headband and tailband construction allows these advanced products to withstand two times the laundry cycles at 160F wash temperatures and with the same detergents.

Use with
Gripper® Clamp Style Handles.

Improved Productivity and Safety: Faster drying floors, superior absorbency and release characteristics result in both productivity gains and lower operating costs. Cleans 48% faster than a standard cotton mop.

Compatible With Standard Wet Mop Tools: Requires no adapters or new flat-mopping handles or frames, allowing consumers to reduce capital investment.     

Environmentally Friendly: Contains up to 28% post-consumer recycled PET plastic (soda bottles) and up to 21% post industrial cotton.