Bastion Latex Gloves Lightly Powdered Smooth Texture

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Bastion latex gloves are lightly powdered, non-sterile, ambidextrous. These examination gloves are good for single use only.

These have excellent strength and tactility. Optional Lightly Powdered finish for ease of donning (Cornstarch powder used is free of GE material). These gloves have comfortable beaded cuff, and silicone free. Available sizes are XS, S, M, L, and XL. HACCP certified.


td>Min. 240 td>Min. 240 td>Min. 240 td>Min. 240 td>Min. 240
Size Palm Width (mm) MGM Length(mm) ASTM D3578-05 (mm)
XS 70-79 Min. 220
S 80-89 Min. 220
M 90-99 Min. 230
L 100-109 Min. 230
XL 110-119 -


Location of Thickness Measurement Single Wall (mm)
Finger Min. 0.15
Palm Min. 0.12
Cuff Min. 0.08

Physical Properties

td>Min. 500 td> - td>Min 6
Before Aging After Aging
Tensile Strength (MPa) Min. 18/td> td>Min. 14
Elongation (%) Min. 650
Modulus (500%) Max. 5.5 MPa
Force At Break (N) Min 9

Test Results

td>1.5 td>4.0 td>4.0 td>4.0
Inspection Level AQL
Watertight Test G1
Major Defects G1
Dimensions S2
Physical Properties S2