Tork SmartOne Mini Toilet Roll Dispenser White T9

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It can reduce to Up to 40% in consumption with one at a time dispensing (vs. 2ply Jumbo). It limits unnecessary waste by using every last sheet (Twin dispenser only).

Stop pilferage with a lockable dispenser. Avoid frustrating dispenser breakages with a shock resistant polycarbonate cover. It prevent rolls from being lit with a fire resistant dispenser. It reduces the chance of cross contamination as the user only touches the sheet taken. No unwanted items can be placed inside the fully enclosed dispenser. It is specifically designed to be easy to clean and service.   


Mini Toilet Roll Dispenser  (H x W x D) 226 x 226 x 173 mm 
Twin Mini Toilet Roll Dispenser  (H x W x D) 230 x 402 x 173 mm  
Mini Toilet Roll  (L x W) 150 x 134 mm            
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