Airlift Alpine Time Release Odourlifter and Cleaner - 5L

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Specifically developed to control mould, fungus, soap, body fat proteins and urine decomposition found in washrooms. It has also been developed and proven to help eradicate tinea (athletes foot) common in washrooms and change rooms.

Other suitable applications include veterinary surgeries and waste disposal and garbage bin storage areas. Can be wiped, flushed, sprayed or mopped on to the surface.

Caution: Wear suitable gloves.

Note: Before use, dilute according to the application type as per the product label.


Heavy obnoxious odours: Wipe, flush, spray or mop the surface. Dilute 1 to 10.

General cleaning: Mop or flush the surface where odour control is needed. Dilute 1 to 80 with water.

Safety Directions

Wear rubber gloves when using for extended periods. Do not spray near eyes.

First Aid

Skin: Remove contaminated clothing. Flush skin with water.

Eyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes. Seek medical advice.

Inhalation: If affected, remove patient to fresh air.

Not considered hazardous according to the criteria of WorkSafe Australia.



  • Leaves surfaces clean and fresh
  • Common washroom odours are eradicated
  • Detergents and wetting agents dislodge dirt and grime
  • Eliminates the need for expensive wall mounted aerosol deodorisers
  • Provides a lingering alpine aroma
  • pH: 10 - 10.5