Janitol Degreaser Detergent (Water Based) 25 Litre

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Deb Janitol Degreaser Detergent is a water based, non-caustic multi purpose detergent- completely user safe, for use in food handling industries, shops, offices and many other locations in general industry.

Versatile, low odour degreasing detergent. Liquid Format - Mixes readily with water without clogging jets or equipment.

Features and Benefits:

Concentrated -  Dilute according to soiling for maximum cost efficiency.
Biodegradable - Will degrade in sea water
Low Foaming
Non-Flammable  - Suitable for use and storage in any situation.
Specially Formulated  - Removes grease, fats, oils and stubborn deposits from floors, walls, paintwork and other hard surfaces.
Non-Caustic -  Suitable for use on any surface, with no dulling of paintwork.

Download Deb Janitol Degreaser Detergent MSDS