CADSTAT Knitted Carbon & Nylon with PU dipped Thumb, Fingers & Palm

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CADSTAT™ knitted carbon suffused nylon gloves, with PU dipped thumb, finger & palm tips.

As the resistance through the PU is typically < 10 MΩ, it is actually possible to successfully perform / pass a Wrist Strap or Footwear Test ... while wearing the glove that you are going to work with; depending on skin contact, dry skin, contamination, etc. With a breathable mix of 80% textured nylon, 20% carbon suffused nylon & a thin PU coating on the fingers & palm, it is extremely comfortable and, because it hugs the hand, it allows for greater dexterity than most other gloves. Available in S, M, L, XL & XXL,pack of 10 pairs.

It is antistatic. Conductive knit - typically < 10kOhms through the material. PU coat - typically < 10MOhms through the material. Knitted - seamless & breathable. Washable - mild detergent, no bleach or conditioner.