Aqua Mop Microfibre Mopping System

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The Aqua Mop Microfibre Mopping System is the ultimate mop offering bucket-less mopping. This mopping system allows you to clean any small or large area continuously.

You don't need to carry a bucket that could possibly carry germs. You simply take a new microfibre cover from your trolley whenever you need it and dispense a clean solution by pressing a button on the handle. 

With Aqua Mop with Velcro, you clean floors with a solution that is not infected with bugs and you see how much cleaner your floors will become. It is great on small areas of floor and for spot mopping when necessary.

The Aqua Mop Pro System is the same as the Aqua Mop, but with the solution trigger on the handle. This feature makes the Aqua Mop Pro ideal as there is less strain on the arm and shoulder.

How Aqua Mop Microfibre Mopping System Works:

Press the button on the top of the handle to release  solution and start  mopping. 
When you have finished that area, remove the mop head and place it in a bag for later laundering.
Go directly to your next  area,  get a clean mop head and clean without all the time consuming tasks of emptying and filling up mop buckets, or rinsing and wringing out mops.