Karcher DS 5600 mediclean Accessories

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Turbo upholstery tool VC 6 und DS 5600 - Air-driven rotating brush of turbo upholstery tool lifts the carpet pile. This allows the vacuum cleaner to reach and remove the dirt more easily.

Suitable for cleaning couches, upholstery, sofas or textiles with deep-cleaning action.
Suitable for: VC 6100, VC 6200, VC 6300 and DS 5600.

Parquet floor tool- Parquet floor tool with natural hair bristles for gentle cleaning of parquet floors and other hard surfaces. Conventional floor tools can damage sensitive floors such as parquet. Special parquet tool for gentle cleaning of all hard surfaces such as wooden floors, parquet, laminate stone, PVC and linoleum.

Turbo power nozzle - Air-driven vacuuming nozzle. Ideal for high-pile carpets and picking up animal hairs. For intensive, thorough and hygienic cleaning. The cleaning power is considerably improved by the action of the rotating brush. Dirt seated deep in the fibres is whirled up and efficiently removed.

Motor Protective Filter - Washable intermediate filter retains tiny airborne particles such as dust particles and allergens contained in humid air.Mattress Nozzle - Special mattress nozzle for hygienic vacuuming of mattresses and recesses in and around beds.