Quadrasan Auto Sanitiser Dispenser

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Quadrasan® Auto Sanitiser Dispenser is a concentrated cleaning and sanitising formulation that produces a powerful foaming action which counteracts the formation of scale and attacks malodours at source.

The Quadrasan system provides flexible programming options which allow costs to be fixed and ensures that fragrance delivery and odour control are matched to location conditions.
Real Time Programme allows user to set a start time, hours of operation and days of operation, therefore conserving refill life for the hours the business is open.
Intensity Plus Event Timer – IPE® feature – Allows three preset times when the dispenser will provide more fragrance for busy times in the location.

'Easy’ or ‘Rent’ button – If full programmability is not required the user may select the ‘Rent’ button for quick and easy programming. This feature allows 30, 45, or 60 day settings. No alarm features are activated. Programme verification to confirm all programmed settings and operation times. 

Refill available. Keep your toilet or urinal clean, hygienic and fresh with every flush by using Quadrasan® Auto Sanitiser - Citrus Tingle. This refill is designed for Quadrasan® Toilet & Urinal Sanitiser Dispensers. Each dose delivers powerful concentrated cleaning and sanitising agent to all areas where the flush is reached. Quadrasan® refills are available in biological and chemical formats.

Our Quadrasan® 300 diffuses a delicate citrus fragrance with every flush keeping toilets and urinals freshly fragranced.