Actichem Dishwash Deluxe Enzyme Dishwash Powder

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Actichem AP219 Dishwash Deluxe is an oxygenated, top performing enzyme dishwash powder and is 100% caustic free. It breaks through food and beverage soiling without the use of harsh caustics and chlorines.

It is powerful enzyme action tackles tough food soiling. Oxygen boosted for effective sanitization and destaining action. It provides top cleaning performance whilst giving premium care to delicate crockery, glassware and cutlery. It provides excellent spot and streak free results.

Read and understand Material Safety Date Sheet befor opening. DOWNLOAD ACTICHEM DELUXE DISHWASH POWDER MSDS

How to use:

Warewashers:  Follow the dosing system manufacturer’s guidelines.
Fill the soap powder dispenser. Normally 35-50g per load is sufficient.
Tips: Remove large particles of food before loading.
Pre-rinse items with heavy food soiling.

Size 4.5Kg