Actichem Tile and Grout Abrasive Cream

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Actichem T&G Cream, Tile and Grout abrasive cream with Nano technology is an excellent spot cleaner for hard surfaces.

- Safety First –  formulated to deliver “startling cleaning performance”, the ingredients have also been carefully selected for their low hazard and non-toxic safety profiles.
- Speciality Penetration Feature – featured a unique ability to penetrate through the soil or wax film and separate it from the substrate, enabling it to be flushed away.
- Protective Wax Coatings – is unique in its ability to dissolve and remove porcelain factory-applied wax coatings.
- Grout Haze – With the help of its micro abrasive content, Tile & Grout Cream effortlessly removes grout haze.
- Fine Stone Compatible – Safe for use on all marble, fine stone, porcelain and tile.
Wide Range – Provides outstanding removaldeep-set set grime and grease, factory applied wax on porcelain, grout haze, removes paint spots, graffiti, bitumen, tar, chewing gum, most cosmetics and many stains caused by foods.

It provides powerful cleaning and removal of porcelain wax films in a safe and easy to use cream. It has an impressive abrasive properties without scratching even fine stone and delicate surfaces. Available in 500ml and 5 litres.