Actichem Tile and Grout Restoration Cleaner

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Actichem's T&G Restore is a proprietary hard surface cleaning and restoration compound for neglected, black grout lines and tiles.

Grout Restore’s low pH formula contains no hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric or sulphamic acids, but is more powerful and effective, yet safer and pleasant to use. 
It makes quick work of mineral scale, cement/grout smear, efflorescence, soap scum and embedded stains. It provides tough action on general grime and is excellent for grout restoration ahead of applying a sealant.
Available in 5 and 15 litres.

Safe on all man-made tiles, use with care on sandstone, quarry tiles, terracotta and slate. Not recommended for use on acid sensitive surfaces including marble, limestone, granite and other natural stone. Although unlikely to mark non-ferrous metals (e.g. Aluminium), always pre-test before use.

It can be used anywhere where there are dirty tiles.  It is good in restoration applications and washrooms, showers and pool surrounds, grout smear removal and builders cleans.


Colour Green
pH 1-1.5
Fragrance None
Dilution 1:4-1:40
Safety Profile Non-hazardous
Pack Sizes 5 and 15L