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Burtex Edger/Heavy Duty Combo Carpet Cleaning Bonnet is Australian-made pad for heavily soiled carpets and room perimeters. Heavy duty on 1 side and Edger on the other.

Construction: Double sided (green yarn edge one side, green stripes the other side) Raw beige Nylon loop, Synthetic green yarn, nylon binding.
Design: Circular tufted raw beige nylon fibre for more absorbency, easy cleaning and durability. Synthetic green yarn has memory to retain shape of the fibre.
Uses: Carpet dry cleaning system, Carpet Shampoo system, Pre  Scrub before extraction system, Dry Fusion system, Encapsulation system.

Available sizes: 17" (430mm), and 18 in (457mm)
NOTE: Please bear in mind that we allow shrinkage. If you require a 17" Bonnet, you need to purchase an 18" one. After the first few washes, Bonnets shrink. The smaller the Bonnet, the less shrinkage will occur.
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