Tork Centrefeed Paper Towel

The Tork mini M1 and regular M2 centerfeed rolls provide convenient high capacity, high performance wiping systems for busy environments. They can cater for all your general wiping and drying needs including surface cleaning, wiping and hand drying. This multi-task aspect makes them ideal for all situations where absorbent and hygienic paper needs to be easily accessible.

With such versatility it is not hard to see why the M1 & M2 centerfeed roll systems are popular choices for general wash stations, kitchens, restaurants, kitchenettes, offices, schools, gyms, office coffee areas and health care environments.

Using Tork disposable paper towels is a fast, effective, convenient, and economical way of improving hand hygiene. The extensive range of hand wiping products include larger, more absorbent towels that lower towel wastage and make hand drying not only a pleasant experience, but also quick and effective. With one-at-a-time towel release the usage and maintenance costs are reduced, resulting in lower cost-in-use. With Tork hand wiping products one towel is enough.