Spray Buff / Maintainers

Agar Autobrite Wash and Polish Detergent - Floor Cleaner and Sealer 5L

Agar Autobrite Wash and Polish Detergent is a convenient floor cleaner and sealer replenisher in one product. It will remove all types of routine soilage from vinyl, marble, terrazzo and timber, leaving a fresh micro-film of high-quality buffable sealer. Only for low-speed buffing.

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Agar Shinywash Pine-Scented Floor Cleaner and Restorer

Agar Shinywash is a biodegradable, pine-scented floor cleaner and restorer which simultaneously cleans and polishes the floor’s surface. It removes all types of routine floor soilage from vinyl, timber, linoleum and stone floors.

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Revive High Performance Cleaner | Maintainer 5L

High performance cleaner plus a maintainer in a single step that rejuvenates UHS floor finishes.
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Jasol Glaze Clean and Buff 5L

Jasol Glaze Cleaner & Restorer for Wet Look Floors. Concentrated and economical, cleans & restores gloss, saves time & effort.

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Jasol Glaze Maintain Neutral Floor Cleaner & Gloss Maintainer

Jasol Glaze Neutral Floor Cleaner & Gloss Maintainer. Clean, polish & protects, spray on & buff to repair any finish, restores high gloss, 385 rpm to 1000rpm, suitable on composition, terrazzo stone.

Shiner Spray Buff Total Floor Maintainer - Research Products

Shiner Spray Buff Total Floor Maintainer - Research Products is an easy way to mop a floor yet leaves behind a polymer film that enhances gloss depth when buffed. Good all round maintenance and spray buff. Available in 5L.
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Glokleen Cleaner Sealer Maintainer 5L

Glokleen is a multipurpose neutral cleaner-maintainer for use on sealed and unsealed floors.
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Sleek 50 Combination Floor Cleaner Polish 5L

Sleek 50 Wash and Wax Cleaner. A single step floor cleaner and polish all types of floors where damp or wet cleaning is applicable. It dries with a pleasing lustre which is readily buffable to the desired gloss.

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Snapback 3 in 1 Floor Restoration 5L

The 3 in 1 product is for floor restoration. Enhances the appearance of worn water based floor finishes. Designed for low/medium speed application.
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Tempo HD Heavy Duty Multipurpose Neutral Detergent 5L

Tempo HD is a multipurpose neutral detergent designed for use in commercial, institutions and industrial environments. It rapidly emulsifies common food oils, minerals oils, and synthetic oils. Being pH neutral and solvent free. It very is safe for use on most surfaces.