Stain Removers

Clax 200 24A2 Booster - Industrial Soils Liquid Surfactant Booster 15L

Clax 200 24A2 Booster is a concentrated liquid surfactant booster based on a blend of surfactants and contains

Jasol Titan Laundry Stain Remover 3kg

Get rid of the toughest laundry stains and odors with Jasol Titan Laundry Stain Remover. It is designed for brighter whites, common household stains and brilliant colours.


Cleaners Supermarket® Pre Wash Liquid

Pre wash stain remover.

Cleaners Supermarket® Clothes Washing Soda

Clax 7XP1 Iron Stain Remover Powder 10kg

Oxalic acid powder treatment for rust and iron stains.


Clax Alegro 1AL1 Liquid Alkali Booster

An alkaline additive for use on heavily soiled or rewash laundry classifications.

Scotts Lemon Laundry Liquid 2L

Scotts Lemon Laundry Liquid is a laundry detergent which assists on cleaning clothes, removing stains and providing a fresh lemon fragrance.

Jasol D-Stain General Purpose Stain Remover and Pre-soak for Cutlery 10Kg

Jasol D-Stain General Purpose Stain Remover and Pre-soak softens soils, effective at removing coffee and tea stains and dried-on foods leaving cutlery clean.

Oxalic Acid Rust and Stains Removal Agent 25kg

Oxalic Acid reduce scouring Agent for general laundry at work. Simply add at a rate of 5-10g per kg dry weight linen.