Complete range of Glidex telescopic extension poles.

Glidex squeegees are fast becoming the preferred brand of choice by professionals and household consumers. The sleek construction is not only durable but effective. Checkout the Glidex window squeegee and window washer price tag. Compared to the more expensive imported brands like Ettore, Pulex and Unger..
 Glidex is a real alternative.


Glidex Extension Poles

Glidex poles also have a unique fluted grip design that provides a safer grip and greater comfort to the user.  A tough, contoured end grip gives added comfort also when poling for long periods.


Glidex Locking Cone Assembly

Glidex Locking Cone Assembly helps secure the pole in a position.

Glidex End Tips

Glidex Pole Tapered end tip with safe-connect locking latch. Pole Utility end tip/threaded end for cobweb brush, paint roller, squegee etc.


Glidex Pole End Grip

End grip for for 2 (G2P1) and 3 section pole (G3P1).

Glidex Stainless Steel Squeegee Clip

Glidex Stainless Steel Squeegee Clip to fit Glidex squeegee channel, used to hold rubber in position.