Cream Cleansers

JIF Cream Cleaner Lemon 375ml

A powerful, non-abrasive cleaner that targets tough stains such as tannin, dried-on foods and soap scum. JIF Cream Cleaner Lemon can be used in the kitchen and bathroom and on surfaces like chromed appliances and white goods.

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Actichem Powersan High Quality Cream Cleanser

Actichem’s Powersan (AP700) is a powerful ready-to-use thickened, hard surface cream cleaner. Its citrus formulation combines a powerful solvent/surfactant package with a mild non-scratch abrasive which has earned its title “firm favourite” in many domestic and industrial kitchens as well as with many commercial cleaners doing washroom cleaning.

Jasol Gleem Lotion All Purpose Mild Abrasive Disinfecting Cream Cleanser

Jasol Gleem All Purpose Mild Abrasive Disinfecting Cream Cleanser. Heavy duty cleanser, non-caustic, mild but abrasive, fresh lemon fragrance

JIF Regular Cream Cleanser

JIF Classic cream cleanser, a powerful formulation is tough on stains such as Tannin, dried on foods and soap scum. Non-abrasive cleaner.

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Peerless Busta Cream Surface Cleaner

Smooth cream cleaner that brightens and clean stainless steel, chrome, bath, basins, sinks, stoves, porcelain, laminates, vitreous enamel and tiled surfaces. Non scratch formulation.

Castle Squeeze Me Premium Low Grit Creme Cleanser

Castle Squeeze Me Premium Quality Low Grit Non Scratch Scouring Creme Cleanser.