Pre Spray Cleaners

Many Extraction Shampoos can be used as a prespray also. Look under " Extraction > Liquids" for these Dual Purpose chemicals.

Spitfire Advanced Prespray - Research Products

Advanced performance, fast drying, WoolSafe Approved neutral pH  Carpet & upholstery prespray.

Spitfire Lavender Carpet Prespray Spotter - Research Products

Ultra fast action, carpet prespray/spotter neutral pH, safe on wool and stain release fibres


Surge Carpet Spotter Prespray - Research Products

All in one - carpet spotter, pre-spray and extraction concentrate. For those still wishing to apply in tank, this is the product for you. May be presprayed as well.

Power Plus Booster 10Kg - Research Products

Booster, brightener and stain remover for carpets. Stain removing, deodorising booster and brightener for carpets.

Up and Out Carpet Pre-Spray Powder 10kg - Research Products

Self neutralising carpet prespray powder. No fillers, no opticals, no high pH.

Actichem Lavender Pro Economic Carpet Prespray

Actichem Lavender Pro is a premium quality, professional strength carpet prespray cleaner which provides outstanding cleaning results on medium to heavily soiled and greasy carpets.


Actichem Performance Plus Wool Safe Prespray

Actichem Performance Plus is the ultimate multi-task pre-spray with anti-resoiling polymer technology. Safe to use on wool.

Actichem Performance Gold Heavy Duty Carpet Prespray

Actichem Performance Gold is a high concentration pre-spray with a unique blend of grease cutting chemistry, balanced alkalinity and polymers, provide the power to tackle the worst soil build up.

Actichem Clean Force Enzyme Carpet Prespray Powder

Enzyme carpet pre-spray powder. Actichem Clean Force is a super concentrated pre-spray powder with powerful enzyme cleaning action for tackling tough organic and greasy soiling.

Actichem Polyprop Plus Double Strength Carpet Cleaner

Actichem Polyprop Plus has advanced cleaning chemistry which effortlessly releases oily and tracked-in soils from the difficult-to-clean olefin fibres.

Simple Green Clean Building Carpet Cleaner Concentrate 3.78L

Simple Green Clean Building Carpet Cleaner Concentrate is non-toxic, biodegradable carpet cleaner helps remove dirt, grime, oily soils, food messes and more from carpet and rugs.

Agar Exit Carpet Detergent

Agar Exit Premium Carpet liquid detergent is used as addition to the tank of carpet hot-water extraction machines. Also ideal as a carpet stain pre-spotter prior to cleaning.


Britex Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaner

Britex Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaner cleans, beautifies, deodorises and protects your carpet.  For use in all deep cleaning hot water extraction carpet cleaners.

Britex Universal Upholstery Cleaner 500ml

Britex Universal Upholstery Cleaner is formulated to deep clean, deodorise, revitalise and protect upholstery including furniture, car seats and lounge suites. It cleans and brightens upholstery without harming delicate fabrics while leaving a fresh, clean scent.

Bissell 2X Blossom and Breeze Carpet Cleaner Formula 709ML

With BISSELL Wash & Refresh Ambi-Pur® Blossom & Breeze carpet cleaner formula, you'll get a powerful clean that adds a refreshing scent to your carpets and home. The 2X concentrated formula powers through tough dirt and odours while freshening with Ambi-Pur®.