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Cleaners Supermarket has everything you need when it comes to sanitary napkins and sharps disposal bin. We prioritize cleanliness at all times and we understand that disposing of feminine sanitary wastes needs proper care especially at home, in the office, and other business establishments.

Being able to work efficiently is a result of a clean and hygienic workplace. And it's the same everywhere. Hence, we aim to provide high-quality lines of sanitary bins including clinical waste bin, sharps bin, sanitary disposal bags, and more.

Our wide variety of sanitary bins and bags product can meet your standards when it comes to taking proper care of feminine hygiene. We have sanitary disposal units and sanitary containers that you can trust to give you only the best service. Our products can protect your area from potential accumulating of germs and bacteria but they also provide a fresh and harmonious ambiance to the surroundings. You can find the best feminine hygiene sanitary products right here in our collection. We even have different styles and designs for large-scale businesses' bathroom needs. Our sanitary bins come in different styles, sizes, and usage to meet your specific needs. We have free-standing mini bins, lift lid and foot pedal bins, open cover-flap bins, sanitary napkin receptacle, spray station, multipurpose waste bin and more!

Whatever your need for disposing sanitary napkins and wastes in order to keep your place clean and germ-free, you can find it in our wide collection of products that are specially designed to meet your standards and surpass your expectations.


Terracyclic Bio Bin - Smartest Sanitary Waste Disposal Plastic Bin

Terracyclic Bio Bin is the best solution for all sites needing a way to dispose of sanitary waste. It doesn't matter how many women you have on your staff or in facility, Terracyclic Bio Bin will suit to your needs. This sanitary waste disposal bin has a unique, compact design. Once you mount it on the wall, the slim line unit does not need to be handled again.

Terracyclic Bio Bin Cartridge Refill

Terracyclic Bio Bin Refill cartridges for the smartest sanitary waste disposal unit. These liners are sealed, environmental safe - non-toxic, biodegradable, odorised plastics, breaks down in 1-5 years.


Pod Petite Sanitary Bin Wall Mounted Feminine Hygiene Bin

How to dispose sanitary products easily, hygienically, and responsibly? Pod Petite Wall Mounted Sanitary Bins are clean and easy and safe to use, and service sanitary waste bins for any workplace washroom especially in tight spaces.


Femcare Feminine Sanitary Disposal Unit 21L

The Femcare Sanitary Disposal Unit provides a discrete and trusted solution for the washroom. Easy clean ABS construction. The unit has a slim profile for universal cubicle access and placement. Available in touch-free or manual options to suit any budget.


Puregiene Auto Sanitary Bin 20L

Puregiene White Auto Sanitary Bin is a slimline, hygienic "hands-free" or manual operation sanitary bin. It is very innovative - magnetic On/Off switch, and with waterproof motor assembly. Flap easily detached for cleaning


Slimline Plastic Sanitary Bin - Lift Lid and Foot Pedal

This Slimline Sanitary Bin is our best seller due to its slimline design and options of foot pedal or manually lift lid. Great to use when sanitary Napkin disposal is so crucial in keeping toilets unblocked and Hygiene standards maintained.

Recessed Sanitary Napkin Disposal 7L Profile Collection

Recessed Sanitary Napkin Disposal with 7L waste capacity featuring a self-closing stainless steel push door that covers the disposal opening. Satin finish 20 gauge cabinet with 16 gauge stainless steel door.
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250 Sachets

Betasan P Max Sanitary Waste Unit Sanitiser Sachet

Betasan P-Max Sanitary Waste Unit Sanitiser Sachet  was developed through combining existing vapour release technology with a blend of natural biocidal compounds and biodegradable materials to give a highly effective, long lasting and eco-friendly feminine waste unit sanitiser.

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Lady Sanitary Mini Bin

Lady Sanitary Mini-Bin is free standing or hang on to wall and can easily be removed for daily cleaning.

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Sanitary Pedal Pedal Bin 22L Grey

Sanitary PEDAL BIN offering hands free/non touch disposal' of sanitary towels & tampons.

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NAPPY BIN 42L with Open Cover-Flap

NAPPY BIN™ 42L OPEN Cover-Flap and large capacity, designed for disposal of baby diapers in Baby Changing Rooms and Handicaps Toilets.

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Nappy and Sanitary Disposal Bin 42L with Open Cover Flap

Nappy Bin 42L White with open cover-flap and large capacity, designed for disposal of baby diapers in Baby Changing Rooms and Handicaps Toilets.

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Sanifresh Sanitary Bin Deodorising & Sanitising Granules

Sanitary Bin Deodorising & Sanitising Granules are the ideal treatment of odours in sanitary disposal units. The product does not contain any formaldehyde.

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Nappy Liner - Black

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Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

This sanitary napkin receptacle has "No Touch Emptying" feature. Hinged body swings out allowing the waxed bag insert and contents to drop out into waste bin.

Bobson Sanitary Bag Dispenser

Great value dispenser for sanitary bags - ideal for any commercial application.Very economical cost-in-use. Available bags to suit the dispenser.


High Density Sanitary Bin Liner

45um heavier gauge bag designed for sanitary use. The dimensions are to suit to 23L Sanitary Bags

Wastecare Wall Mounted Bin - White

The Wastecare bin enhances the contemporary washroom with many innovative features. Purpose designed and developed in New Zealand, the unique Wastecare bin combines style and function in one easy to use product and is perfect partner to the Autotowel.

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40 Litre Grey Nappy Multipurpose Waste Bin

This multipurpose nappy waste bin has a hygienic hands-free foot pedal operation to dispose of everyday regular waste for most sites and applications.
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Disposal Sanitary Bag Dispenser and Bags

Easy to install and maintain Sanitary Bag Dispenser - a safe and hygienic solution for ladies to dispose of sanitary products in public washrooms.

23L Lady Sanitary Bin Grey

Slimline Sanitary Bins to suit all size cubicles. It has a sleek design, lightweight, sturdy and strong. 23 Litre sanitary bin available in grey.  This is very cost effective for service companies.

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Washroom Nappy Bin 42L

Washroom Sanitary Bin 42L has a sleek, lightweight, sturdy and strong design. For easy  and hygienic way of disposing baby nappies, adult diapers and wipes.  It suits well on any washroom decor.

Bacteria Controlling Sanitary Bin Granules

Bacteria Controlling Sanitary Bin Granules helps destroy offensive odours within the sanitary bin disposal unit.  It ensures that harmful airborne bacteria is neutralised as a result reducing the risk of germ inhalation by your feminine hygiene unit over the service period.

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Medical Waste Disposal Containers - Sharps, Needles and Syringes

These medical waste and sharp containers are designed for the safest handling and disposal of sharps, swabs, needles, syringes and any clinical and infectious waste.


Trolley for Sharp Containers

These are convenient trolleys - available in large sizes for the 19/35/65 litre sharp containers and smaller sizes for the 5 and 10 litre models. 

1.4 Lit Sharps Container Metal Locking Casing

Use this 1.4L Sharps Container with metal locking casing for safe and secure way to dispose needles and other sharps. Ideal for small scale practitioners.
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Mounting Frames for Sharp Containers

These cradles enable most container to be mounted to walls or benches etc, for safety and convenience.

Heavy Duty Metal-Syringe Safety Case

Metal cases have been designed to suit the 1.4, 8 and 65 litre P&I sharps medical waste containers.

Wall Strap for Sharp Containers

These wall straps enable the container to be attached to a wall but easily removed for replacement, and are ideal for non secure areas. Available for 2.8, 5, 8, 10 and 19 litre containers.

Base Brackets for Sharp Containers

Ideal for all requirements - can be easily secured with double sided tape to bench tops in high or low traffic areas.  The 6 pack variety is versatile and can be easily incorporated into doctors and diabetics transit cases.

Automatic Sanitary Disposal Mini Bin 12 L

Functional, cost-effective, reliable and very easy to maintain sanitary disposabl bin.
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